Breville BOV800XL Convection Smart Oven First Look


The first time you take a gaze at the Breville BOV800XL toaster you might feel overwhelmed by its long list of excellent features and size. It comes loaded with 7 toast-settings, LCD controls and it is able to shut off automatically when not being used. This oven is indeed a great alternative to a full sized range with all of its capabilities. With the digital convection baking features, everything is sure to turn out even on all sides no matter what you are cooking.  What’s more enthralling is that it toasts bread evenly, so you won’t find pieces that are half burned. The ample interior space makes it possible to roast four pounds of chicken quite beautifully. Let’s have a closer look at this impressive toaster oven and find out what makes it an eminent choice for most people.

Breville BOV800XL Features

This is an excellent choice to take advantage of all of the available toaster oven recipes. This countertop oven is a real workhorse and it is sure to surprise with all of the different cooking functions that it comes with. Below is just a sample of some of the things that it can do in your kitchen.

1. Design and usability

Breville BOV800XL Toaster Oven is sturdily designed and built. The stainless steel material offers it a modern appearance and will definitely look attractive when placed on your countertop. Other design features are a baking pan, broil rack and a pizza pan. While these are standard accessories, the BOV800XL goes a step further by providing accessories such as pizza stones on its site. Also, the intelligent design makes using the oven much easier. For instance, you don’t have to open the oven’s door when you want to remove the crumb tray. It’s also positioned at the top side, so it gets warmer during cooking and can be used as a plate warmer.

2. Large interior space

The oven’s interior space is large enough, and this makes it possible to cook a massive 13 inch pizza, handle chicken pieces or roast. The 0.8-cubic interior space is among the largest that you can find in the toaster market today. This makes it a fantastic choice when you want to bake, toast or roast for many people.

3. Height options

This Breville oven offers three rack options that can be used differently depending on whatever you want to cook. Instructions on how you should place the rack correctly are printed outside the window. You will also find that the window markers can be checked with ease.

4. LCD control panel

The oven has a highly intuitive control panel. It offers well positioned dials: time dial, temperature dial and function dial. Also, this unit has four buttons: on/off, start/cancel, Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion and frozen food. The oven can also be set to remember your settings the next time you want to cook the same food.

5. Long cook time

The smart oven offers a long cooking time of up to 2 hours. The roasting and baking can be set anywhere between 120 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is able to froil food at a temperature of 500 degrees.


· It’s able to toast bread consistently and offers a large baking capacity

· It comes with a heavy duty broil/baking pan and a pizza stone

· It can roast or bake chicken perfectly well, bake potatoes and make a 13 inch pizza

· It is able to shut off automatically when not being used

· The available LCD controls are easy to use

· The sellers offer excellent customer care service

· One year limited manufacturer warranty offered to the buyers,therefore guaranteeing peace of mind

· It offers settings for cooking pizza, cookies, bagels, reheating, defrosting, roasting and warming.

· The unit is compact and comes with 7 highly useful toast settings.


· The top side of the oven as well as its doors get hot when in use

· The accessories that accompany the kitchen appliance are not dishwasher safe.

· Some users think that the price is on the higher side

· Some of the intelligent cooking presets are not very obvious.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon this product has three thousand three hundred and ninety five reviews at the time of this review and has been rated with 4.6 points out of 5. The verified customers have praised the simplicity and functional superiority of Breville BOV800XL. The easy to use LCD controls and the large capacity are a plus features for the oven.

Our Verdict

Breville makes some of the top rated small kitchen appliances in the world, and the BOV800XL is an impressive option for those who want to get a kitchen appliance that allows them do serious cooking. The toaster oven reviews at have this model rated as the top small oven for 2016.   It is solid, trusty and cleverly designed oven. The price aside, the oven is able to handle every cooking with relative ease. If you are looking for a large capacity luxury toaster oven, then this model is highly recommendable.